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Energy- The Connection To Our Being

All things come from energy in some form

My Story

I have always been a believer in energy as a great foundational force in my life as long as I can remember. I was naturally attracted to metaphysical studies early in life and feel a strong connection to the unseen energies that surrounds us. I have spent many years surrounded by these studies. Now with a Masters Masters in Metaphysics I am completing my doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling with the focused on energy as a foundation in our lives and ways to effectively use it to enhance our wellbeing and world in general.

Being a Wellness Practitioner, in order to be effective with your healing methods cleansing and recharging your energy is a foundation on your being. This is a continual process and you will know when the people around you are on not doing their energy work because their energetic field cannot hold a positive vibration for long.

I believe that there are so many unhappy people because of the misuse of energy rather consciously or unconsciously. Imagine a world where people are aware of navigating and using the energy around them to enhance their lives and the lives of others they touch in their interactions throughout the day? Even if you think you would be doing it for purely selfish reasons, it would still help the energetic environment of those around you.

You can put techniques to use in your life right away for results. I love hearing how my clients lives change by implementing this knowledge and their will to achieve their goals.

Enjoy the journey and reach out if you need help along the way.

Much Love,


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